Dry and flaky skin does not look good and is usually very itchy.

Many things can contribute to your dry skin. From weather and dehydration to a compromised skin barrier and hormonal changes. Anyone who has ever been to South Korea during the harsh and cold winter season can confirm. Korean beauty experts have very challenging customers to please when it comes to dry skin. If you struggle to keep your skin moisturised, then we have the perfect mix of K-Beauty products to help you nourish and moisturise your skin properly.

The best Korean skincare products, addressing skin dryness, aim to improve your skin's barrier function. The goal is to ensure the skin is keeping moisture in and bacteria out.

A wide range of tried, tested, and beloved K-beauty dry skin products are waiting for you.

What makes K-beauty dry skin products different? 

If the 10-step Korean skincare routine feels excessive to you, we have great news. You do not have to use all ten products to see nourished and healthy skin. What is worth doing is layering the most effective formulas.

Layering your skin products can sound tricky but is quite simple. Always start with the thinnest and end with the thickest textures. Layering products is what gives Korean beauty routines their edge. This technique will be much more effective if you choose the right products for dry skin. 

What can cause dry skin?

One of the most frequently asked questions is what causes dry skin. There are many factors to be taken into account. Some of the most popular are:

  • cold weather or dry air
  • exposure to harsh treatments
  • over-cleansing and over-exfoliating the skin
  • skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and psoriasis.

What is the difference between dryness and dehydration? 

While the words may seem interchangeable, there is actually a huge difference between dry and dehydrated skin. 

In a nutshell dry skin, which is one of the skin types, lacks oil – moisture. Those with dry skin experience rough, itchy, and flaky skin. Sensitive and easily irritated skin can also be a symptom of dry skin.

Unlike dry skin, dehydrated skin lacks water, also called hydration. It is a skin condition which can be caused by many externa factors such as diet, stress, climate, poor sleeping habits, incorrect skincare used.

How to treat dry skin?  

If you have dry skin, you want to find products that add and keep moisture to your skin. One of the main causes of dry skin is a compromised moisture barrier. Look for ingredients that will help strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier while adding soothing relief and long-lasting moisture.  

How to treat dehydrated skin?  

For dehydrated skin, stick with light textures and focus on hydration with light texture products. Why? Dehydrated skin often overproduces oil, so it is also crucial to find products that will help balance skin’s water and oil production.  

Can you have both dry and dehydrated skin? 

It is possible to have both dry and dehydrated skin, especially during changing seasons or extra stressful moments in your life. 

What brands are known for skincare tackling dryness? 

Some of the best products for dry skin we have in stock were created by: 

  • Real Barrier 

  • Lagom 

  • Pyunkang Yul

  • SkinRx Lab

  • Jkosmmune
  • Klairs

Real Barrier, LAGOM & Pyunkang Yulwould be the most reviewed Korean beauty products amongst the Skinsider Family, especially for their serums, ampoules and moisturisers. 

Does dryness speed up skin ageing? 

We know for a fact that compromised skin barrier and dryness can speed up the ageing process. Check some amazing serums such as URANG Pink Everlasting Ampoule (35ml). Made with silk amino acids and collagen to strengthen the skin barrier and address signs of ageing. Also, URANG Blue Power Ampoule offers skin strengthening treatment. It will be perfect for skin that is damaged and feels weak and thin. 

If you need help choosing a skin regime that is right for you, or you are looking for more skincare tips, do not hesitate to reach out to us.  We will help you find the best products for your skin.   

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