A Short Guide on How to Store Your Beauty Products

A Short Guide on How to Store Your Beauty Products

17th Dec 2017

We all have tendencies to forget that the ingredients locked in our cosmetics may be impacted by the temperature, humidity and exposure to light. Probably the worst feeling is when you open a bottle or jar of your favourite cream or serum only to discover they have became unusable.

This blog is a universal guide on how to ensure your products are kept safely and don’t lose their precious properties.

#1 The bathroom is not the right place to store cosmetics

Heat and humidity in the bathroom are sources of bacteria, they may cause skincare products to lose their properties and even create inflammation. Store your beauty products outside of your bathroom in a cool and dark place.

#2 Close the lid tightly

Are you using skincare products that contain active ingredients? Do you make sure you close the lid tight enough that the product inside won’t be exposed to oxygen?

Prolonged exposure to oxygen can deteriorate the active ingredients in your beauty products.

#3 Refrain from touching the product directly

The same way you should avoid touching your face, we strongly advise you to stay away from unnecessary contact with your products.

Use a clean spatula to get your cream out of a jar or tube. If you are using essences and serums, don’t let the dropper touch your skin.

Always wash your hands before applying your beauty products. This is especially crucial if you have acne prone skin. Acne on your face can be actually described as having a number of small injuries on your skin. Touching your face or beauty products with unwashed hands may create extra skin inflammation.

#4 Check the product’s lifecycle

Make note of important information like the date the product was manufactured and what the recommended storage period after opening is. All information can be found on the packaging.

Label your cosmetics with the date of when you opened them. This can be very helpful in keeping your beauty stash well organised.

Dr. G Cosmetics have a special place on their packaging where you can write the date you opened the product! Apply the same rule and write using a marker the date you opened all of your cosmetics.