The 1+1 Method, a Simple Skincare Routine

The 1+1 Method, a Simple Skincare Routine

17th Aug 2018

Today we will talk about the 1+1 method, a beauty trick straight from Korea. When I entered the k-beauty world, the two biggest changes to my skin routine were double cleansing and using hydrating toner. Today I will focus on cleansing.

As a person who is experiencing severe skin issues, I had a big issue to start double cleansing routine. It was hard for me to believe that my acne prone skin will accept an oil cleanser. It was a big surprise to realize how well selected oil cleansers can improve my skin.

As time passed and my trips to Korea became frequent, also my conversations with specialists and visits to Korean spas made me realize how my cleansing routine can still be improved. I was always wondering why the entire cleansing ritual takes a little bit longer than I expected? After all, I splash a cleansing oil on my face, wash it off and apply foam cleanser.

So here it is a significant improvement to the double cleansing routine, the 1+1 method.

Korean skincare routine 1+1 method

The 1+1 method

Anyone who enters the k-beauty wold learns quickly about the double cleansing method in which you wash your face first with an oil-based cleanser and then you follow up with a water-based cleanser.

Method 1+1 in double cleansing means that you spend exactly one minute to gently massage your face with an oil cleanser first. Then you rinse your face and apply a water-based cleanser and wash your face for another minute. Result? Any makeup residue & impurities will be removed and you will avoid breakouts or dull skin.

Korean skincare unclogged pores

How to chose the right cleansers?

For this method cleansers should not contain mineral oils. They should contain natural soothing ingredients. Green Tea or camellia are two hero ingredients to look for. Look also for natural, botanical surfactants.

Are you planning to test the 1+1 method?