Interview with Sokollab for Skinsider

Interview with Sokollab for Skinsider

10th Sep 2019

SOKOLLAB: Hi Karolina, we’re so excited to have you join us at SOKOLLAB. Tell us more about SKINSIDER!

KAROLINA: We are very glad that we had the opportunity to join you and start this collaboration.

SKINSIDER was created to promote and nurture natural beauty.
As a person who knows what it means to have severe skin problems, I am focused on boosting women’s and men’s confidence. The main goal is to address long-term skin problems and give solutions to nowadays’ quest for younger-looking skin.

We want to help people who are time-constrained, providing them with advice & high-quality products and services. Whatever is your age, skin type or budget, we want to be able to provide great, effective products.

Over the years, during my travels around the world, I had the opportunity to observe how industrialisation, plastic materials and pollution destroy the environment and harm people. Tackling this issue is especially close to my heart. That is why, as a company, we also want to impact the wider society by providing eco-friendly and cruelty-free products and services.

Skinsider bag in NYC
Skinsider bag in NYC with Brooklyn Bridge in background

Beauty trends

SOKOLLAB: Can you share your thoughts on beauty trends and predictions as we go into the end of the year?

KAROLINA: I prefer to focus on medium to long term trends rather than seasonal obsessions.

The most noticeable trend, especially in k-beauty, is minimalistic skincare. We all can see that k-beauty is becoming simplistic. The textures continue to be amazing, ingredients are powerful, but the products are becoming multi-taskers.

In addition, there will be more products in the form of patches. Pimple patches, eye patches… it looks like we will be able to use patches on our entire body.

Clean, vegan-friendly beauty will continue to rise however I hope there will be more positive noise and attention around products which tackle pollution and environmental stressors in general. There is a lot of information about fine dust, which does not resonate with Europeans. We forget what we are all going through every day. CO2 emission, sun exposure, stress, just to name few, are compromising our skin barrier and speed up the ageing process.

I think beauty supplements will be on the rise as well. This is still a new but very interesting area. From drinkable collagen to chewable tablets which are designed to stimulate collagen, provide antioxidants and support your daily skin routine.

JKosmmune cosmetics
JKosmmune cosmetics

Favourite products

SOKOLLAB: You have so many great brands at SKINSIDER, can you tell us a few of your personal favourite products?

KAROLINA: There are some brands and products which hit my soft spots.

I love soothing products as I have extremely sensitive and acne-prone skin. I can wake up with perfectly clear skin and finish a day with a rash or acne triggered by one of the environmental
stressors or allergy. At the same time, I love products which contain natural antioxidants. My skin really enjoys the Urang Tue Rose Repair Essence. This is the product I use all year round and take with me everywhere I go. I love to add a drop of Urang Brightening Blue Oil Serum for an extra glow look or for a night treatment.

JKosmmune Luminous Skin-Defense Moisturiser is an amazing light-weight anti-ageing, collagen stimulating moisturiser.
Lagom Cellus Sun Gel SPF50 PA+++ is a product which truly surprised me from the first use and my extremely sensitive skin likes it. For skin emergencies, COSRX pimple patches are the winners. Why weren’t these around when I was 17?

Urang cosmetics
Urang cosmetics

Future plans

SOKOLLAB: Any news you can share with about new developments at Skinsider?

KAROLINA: I cannot share too many details. What I can say is we are working on a number of projects which we are extremely excited about. I hope all our customers, including our international customers, will enjoy what we have planned. We are preparing “some positive disruptions” in a form of events, interviews and more… I hope that we will be able to allow Skinsider friends, customers and fans to meet more amazing people, who create and influence the beauty industry. All of this is a part of our continuous efforts to bring our products and services to a broader market.

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