Interview with Mizon on Korean snail mucin skincare

Posted by Skinsider Team on 8th Nov 2022

Interview with Mizon on Korean snail mucin skincare

In this part of series of Interviews with Mizon, we will be talking about their flagship Korean snail mucin skincare products. Here is your inside to the Korean cosmetics by Mizon thanks to Chrissy, the Head of the brand team department.

Mizon Snail Mucin skincare

The story behind Mizon Snail Mucin Line

Skinsider Team: Chrissy, Iet’s take a moment to talk about your flagship snail mucin line. Why have you decided to create this line?

Chrissy: In a nutshell, we created it due to the nature of snail, snail's mucin is a component that has strong self-resilience and recovery effect. This is because when the snail shell is broken or damaged, mucin helps to restore itself.
The same goes for human skin. Human skin is damaged from external harmful environments such as ultraviolet rays, cold or heat and air conditioners, causing moisture evaporation and nutrient deficiency. Such damages eventually cause ageing, blemishes, black heads, acne and atopy, and mucin is the best ingredient to repair them. For that main reason, we have decided to build this line more than 20 years ago and since then, we have loyal customers. We are getting a lot of feedback from customers commenting the amazing skin restoration they have been experiencing. Last but not least, I am proud to say that we were one of the first brands to ever work with Snail mucin!

Mizon Snail Mucin line

Ingredients extraction

Skinsider Team: We did not know that. Thank you for introducing this amazing skincare ingredient to Korean skin rituals. How skin care products are made from snail mucin?

Chrissy: MIZON is an innovative brand that has pioneered the market with snail mucin products since its first release in 2007. I would like to confidently tell MIZON lovers that no snails are harmed while harvesting the snail mucin.

Snail mucus is supplied from snail farm and it is used as a raw material by hygienic filtration. Mucus is extracted from snail's migration process. We couldn’t explain the process better than Jude Chao so I would like to use this quote that perfectly explains the snail harvesting process: “Snails are placed over a mesh net in a dark and quiet room. As nocturnal creatures, this provides them with a comfortable space to freely roam about. After about an hour, the snails are transferred back to their homes while the mucin is collected and processed for use. Note, no external stress is applied to the snails or the mesh net for two different reasons. First, it is prohibited to manufacture, distribute and sell products that have undergone animal testing in Korea. Second, optimal mucin production occurs when snails are well-rested and content. So, no snails are hurt during the collection process!”

Benefits of korean snail mucin skincare

Benefits of using Korean Snail Mucin Skincare

Skinsider Team: Why should customer not worry to incorporate snail mucin to their skin rituals? What are the skin benefits?

Chrissy: Snails' mucus protects the skin from germs and harmful substances present in the external environment. It has excellent properties for skin regeneration especially when skin's regenerative ability decreases with ageing. In addition, snail mucus has a great effect on moisturizing, removing stains, blemishes, keloid scars, pigmentation and stretch marks. With consistent application, it helps to improve elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Products of this line are suitable for all skin types.

Snail Mucin face cream

Snail mucin vs acne scars

Skinsider Team: We usually receive many requests for product recommendations. What products would you recommend to people who want to address acne scars?

Chrissy: Acne scars take some time to disappear but this can be accelerated when using a targeted skincare routine for that concern.

First, the skin needs to be exfoliated in order to speed up skin’s regeneration. Goodbye blemish line products, especially the toner, is perfect to address that question.

Next, skin needs to be well hydrated not to produce excessive sebum due to lack of moisture. Snail line has the right products (e.g All-in-one Snail repair cream) to tackle this.

Third, Vitamin C helps to get rid of hyperpigmentation faster while minimizing pores and eventually improving skin tone.

Last but not least, applying a sunscreen every day is crucial not to intensify acne scars caused by UVs.

Snail mucus eye cream

Skinsider Team: Should we expect new skincare products within the snail line?

Chrissy: As our first product line was Snail line, we have been focusing on it for quite a while. Thanks to that time invested, it makes our bestselling line today. Now, I believe we must concentrate on other ingredients/ lines to expand our products range. Your persistent interest, support and love towards MIZON motivates us to keep making better products, Thank you!

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