Interview with Mizon on skincare science and highly effective  skin ingredients

Posted by Skinsider Team on 27th Oct 2022

Interview with Mizon on skincare science and highly effective skin ingredients

Mizon are Korean skincare products which start with the science and combine it with the best and most highly rated ingredients. The K-beauty brand uses generous dose of special ingredients to make sure your skin is getting maximum value. We would like to welcome you to discover Mizon via our series of interviews with the Head of the Mizon Brand: Chrissy. 

Mizon Huyaluronic Acid 100

Mizon- The brand story

Skinsider Team: Thank you for finding time to share with us your amazing story. Tell us more about the history of your company and how your journey in k-beauty industry started?

Chrissy: Although the company (PFD, the brand owner) was established in 2015, MIZON brand has a history of more than 20 years and was created by Amore Pacific (biggest cosmetics company in Korea) researchers. Since products were made by remarkable researchers, many celebrities have manifested their love and support along with products’ efficacy on their skin. With a 20-year consumer base, PFD’s goal is to prove impartially products’ effectiveness by various tests including safety test as the dermatological testing.

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Enriched Cream

Skinsider Team: What was the main goal of creating skincare products?

Chrissy: Founded with a passion for beauty and health of mankind’s skin, the first brand to handle it was MIZON created by PFD. MIZON stands for “Me”+”Zone” with “zone” referring our beauty zone. Thus, MIZON can also be considered as a space to discover the beauty hidden inside of me, with MIZON products helping to achieve it. The brand mission is to help everyone develop their own values regardless of age, gender, race and to make each individual shine.

Although MIZON was PFD’s first brand to be created, I would like to mention our other brand, Village 11 Factory that we adore just as much as the first one. If MIZON has recently started to focus on more natural, organic and vegan ingredients alongside with eco-friendly packaging, Village 11 Factory rebranding new concept is certainly on clean beauty, use of active cruelty-free ingredients and a strong sustainable commitment. 

Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Essence

Skinsider Team: Tell us more about the company’s philosophy. 

Chrissy: PFD stands for P (People), F (Future), and D (Dream) which represents the company philosophy striving to make the dream of people come true. Under the premise that this dream is a healthy life along with a beautiful appearance, we strongly believe that there is no dream that cannot be achieved.

The ultimate corporate philosophy of the company is to provide health and beauty to consumers more than corporate profits. This is achievable through the Masstige strategy (Mass: Price, Prestige: Quality) to provide consumers with the best quality at a reasonable price.

Speaking of healthy beauty, the goal is to use natural ingredients as much as possible and also cruelty-free.

As for conserving nature, we are adopting eco-friendly practices such as using FSC-registered single boxes and printing in Soy Ink. Moreover, we are increasing the use of natural ingredients (e.g. flower extracts and plant extracts from various parts of the world), yet consumer price is maintained as much as possible.

Mizon Good Bye Blemish Low pH Cleanser

Mizon Products

Skinsider TeamWhat is the purpose of your Korean skincare products?

Chrissy: Product development was carried out with the aim of delivering high-quality products at a reasonable price, and avoiding products with fancy appearances over the quality. We invest in product development to create long-loyal products with a good life cycle. We don’t want consumers to be misled by false marketing leading them to spend a lot of money for being disappointed in purchasing products that are, in fact, poor quality. Even if it takes a long time to develop a product we believe that making quality products is the key of satisfying ultimately our customers. In summary, the key of our success is to develop products showing real efficiency.

Skinsider Team:What is important for you when creating a new product? Do Korean skincare trends matter?

Chrissy: Our answer is definitely the result/effect. Cosmetics are often said to be a business that sells dreams. Some people mistake selling dreams as vanity. However for us, dreams are never vanity. Our dream is that we can really improve and solve people’s skin problems by using MIZON products. We want to make products that can truly realize that dream. Every new product should be focused on reflecting previous experiences and errors made in order to learn from them. Making new products come out after a lot of researches and efforts but when using them regularly, there are definitely elements that will improve your skin.

Mizon Good Bye Blemish Pink Spot

As a result of our commitment, we have developed our patented ingredients complexes. So far, our Cicaluronic line has its Cicaluronic complex (Centella asiatica + Hyaluronic acid) and our Goodbye blemish line, its Acnotide complex (a unique peptide complex to fight acne). Of course, we are planning to elaborate more patented complexes in the future.

Skinsider Team: Let's talk about ingredients. What do you consider when sourcing ingredients? 

Chrissy: When choosing ingredients, harmful ingredients are excluded first. However, information about them on the market is often inaccurate. Instead of unconditionally substituting harmful ingredients that non-experts put on the Internet, we follow expert’s advices working at recognized institutes. Many companies do not hesitate to contain harmful ingredients because consumers are not well informed about use of preservatives. As for us, we exclude these with the help of expert’s consultations.
On the other hand, we use as much as possible raw materials available in Korea because the fresher is the ingredient, the more efficient it is. As for imported raw materials, we mainly use European or American ones by checking carefully their quality. We strive for the best quality because we know too well that if we use low-grade raw materials for immediate profit, consumer purchases will definitely be cut off.

We all should keep in mind that offering the best for consumers is eventually, the best for companies as well.

Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

Skinsider Team: What are the two products you would recommend from your product line and why? How would you use them during winter and summer?

Chrissy: The first line I'd recommend is definitely the Cicaluronic line, suitable for all skin types but especially helping sensitive and dry skin. Stress, under it various forms, is more and more present in our daily life (due to pollution, irregular lifestyles, etc), and our skin is also affected, thus it needs some extra calming care. This line offers a full skincare experience with a cleansing balm, a foam cleanser, a toner, a serum, a gel treatment, a moisturizer, a sun cream and eventually a sheet mask. All together, they help to moisturize deeply the skin while offering soothing effects. I believe those benefits are needed by everyone, regardless of skin types and age. However, in summer you would prefer the gel treatment to hydrate your skin and the moisturizer in winter.

The second line I'd recommend is the Goodbye Blemish line. Products of this line are characterized by MIZON patented unique ingredients called Acnotide™.

Mizon Good Bye Blemish Soothing Gel Cream

Many people are concerned about acne and still no efficient solutions are offered. For that reason, some people use steroids-containing ointment-which I wouldn’t recommend. MIZON wanted to face this issue and, as a result of repeated researches, a patented composition of peptide that only targets acne bacteria was born.

We tried to differentiate ourselves from other acne focus products (containing alcohol) with this unique composition of peptides. You will truly love it!

Plans for future

Skinsider Team: What can we expect next when it comes to new products and solutions offered by your brand?

Chrissy: We aim to develop products that focus on hyperpigmentation.
There are many pigmentation products on the market that target blemishes, but there have been no products that have truly worked.
The reason was that the effective ingredients did not get into the skin, and even if they did, they died out even before the effect could be seen.
After a long period of research, we have developed a peptide that properly penetrates the skin and does its job without dying out the skin. It's a corporate secret, so we can't reveal it in detail yet, but we're going to develop such a product and release it soon.

Skinsiders! Stay tuned as we have more fantastic news to share. Our next interview with Chrissy from Mizon is coming soon!

Meantime, You can shop Mizon Korean Skincare Products here.