Meet Skinsider’s K-Beauty Panel of Reviewers

Meet Skinsider’s K-Beauty Panel of Reviewers

8th Mar 2019

A few months ago we announced we are looking for people passionate about skincare to help us “unwrap” the beauty of the Korean skincare, share the love and knowledge about k-beauty with others. The purpose was simple... to create videos about cosmetics and skin care where women and men of different ethnicities, skin types and concerns will be able to see content relevant to them.

Today, on the International Women’s Day, we are proud to introduce four amazing women!

Meet Emma, Maryam, Sahar and Rebecca, our unique and amazing K-beauty panelists who devoted their time and energy to review some of our products.

Meet our amazing K-beauty Panel of Reviewers

Our Combination to Oily Skin Type Team

Say Hello To Emma

Emma- Skinsider's K-beauty Panel of Reviewers
Emma- Skinsider’s K-beauty Panel of Reviewers Photo: @ lethbridgecards

After gaining a Law degree I decided I no longer wanted to be a lawyer and ended up in retail instead! After spending some time as a Store Manager for Boots I’m currently an Assistant Buyer for Sainsbury’s Argos. Outside of work I’m usually either working out, running my beauty & lifestyle blog or making stationery for my Etsy store. As I’m always busy I love to take the time out to relax and look after my skin.

After never really struggling with acne as a teenager they started hitting once I was 20. I spent years trying expensive and strong anti-acne skincare and once I found K Beauty I discovered skincare that actually worked on my skin! My combination skin is the clearest it’s been in years and now I finally feel like I can start tackling those fine lines and wrinkles. I’m 31 but haven’t really felt able to use any anti-ageing products yet as I’ve been too concerned with acne. I love beauty and it’s one of my biggest passions/weaknesses!

Say Hello To Maryam

Maryam- Skinsider's K-beauty Panel of Reviewers
Maryam- Skinsider’s K-beauty Panel of Reviewers

Hi! I’m Maryam, I’m 23 living in London and currently working in a Pro Makeup store. I am at the start of my career as an esthetician having recently qualified in Level 3 Facial Electrics. I have a real love for all things skincare related and look to pursue as many aspects of it as I can.

I’m always purchasing and trying new skincare products – I even give out little samples in empty pots to my friends and family to see how their skin reacts to the products because I’m quite fascinated by how the skin reacts and why it reacted the way it did.

Our Normal to Dry Skin Type Team

Say Hello To Sahar

Sahar- Skinsider's K-beauty Panel of Reviewers
Sahar- Skinsider’s K-beauty Panel of Reviewers

I am a recent Biomedical Science graduate and I am currently working as a management consultant for the NHS.

Throughout childhood, I suffered with dreadful eczema and dry skin, which led to long term self-esteem issues. My search for a solution to improve my confidence allowed me to try out various skincare products, and from there my passion for great skin flourished. K-beauty, in particular, manages the root cause of the problem and is focused on rich hydration and a radiant glow. At 23, the search for great skincare products is never-ending, and so finding the right products to make my future skin as hydrated and supple as possible is something I yearn to do. Aside from skincare, my passions lie in books, fitness, digital art, and makeup. I love discovering new things and then recommending them to others so they can enjoy it too!

Say Hello To Rebecca

Rebecca-Skinsider's K-beauty Panel of Reviewers
Rebecca-Skinsider’s K-beauty Panel of Reviewers Photo: @halfpintoftea

My name is Rebecca, I am an ex-Londoner living out in the Surrey/Hampshire borders but I still work in London. I work in Compliance within Finance (basically this means I am like the internal police – but with more spreadsheets). My hobbies are reading and being nosey generally. I enjoy real-life crime, Jordan Peterson rants, skincare (obv.), and food. I often ponder if I enjoy how technology is encroaching into our lives more and more, however could I ever go back to a life without it?

I am 34 with normal to dry skin with concerns around aging. I have ‘tough as old boots’ skin which is rarely sensitive, as long as I maintain a healthy skin barrier which is what I do with lots of oils, ceramides and fatty acids. I got into K-beauty for the price point and I have stayed for the fun I have. I love all the hydrating steps and feel the self care aspect of an evening is so beneficial for winding down.

Stay tuned for our video product reviews!