Our 10 Skincare Habits for 2018

Our 10 Skincare Habits for 2018

1st Jan 2018

It is this time of the year when we set up new goals. Is there a place for a new skincare routine? Are you not impressed with your skin condition and believe it’s time to move things around? Make 2018 a year of good skin days only!

Here we are sharing with you 10 skin care habits that are embedded in the Korean skin routine which you should follow this year.


We all have in our cosmetics cupboard some of the amazing cosmetics that it is hard to get rid off. This amazing lipstick you can not live without was just discontinued. You worry you will not be able to replace its shimmer and shade. Oh, and you only had a chance to wear this eyeshadow only a few times so how can you just bin it. The painful reality is… all cosmetics have their expiry date and PAO (period after opening) for a reason. The texture and ingredients of cosmetics change with time. Especially, if they are not stored as per manufacturer’s instructions, the cosmetics may have a harmful impact on your skin.

Check your cupboard. Get rid off any products that expiry date is overdue.


Korean women are known for having their trusted dermatologists who they visit every few months. When was the last time you saw your dermatologist?

Go and visit the specialist. Do it now and you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the year. We suggest you request a full skin scan. Check whether this returning acne is actually caused by stressful life and not a skin infection. Ensure that your diet is not affecting your skin condition. A specialist will be able to help you with this analysis.


Make it your new habit to drink the recommended 2 litres of water throughout the day. Why? Your body requires water to function properly. Imagine that if every internal organ needs water and you do not drink enough of it, then how much will your skin get? You will not only support to detoxify your body but also improve the elasticity of the skin and hydrate it from inside. If you struggle with drinking cold water, drink hot water. Add some flavour to it by adding a slice of lemon. This will not only improve the taste but also will help in eliminating impurities from your body.


Korean skincare Klairs Rich Moist Foaming Cleanser

K-Beauty: Cleansers
In Korean skin routine, cleansing is a crucial step in keeping skin in healthy condition. We will not write about how important it is that you remove your make up every day before you go to bed as we know you do it already. Still, we think you should try double cleansing.

Double cleansing has its name for a reason. Wash your face with an oil-based cleanser to remove the make – up and then follow with a water-based cleanser, in a form of gel or foam, to wash away any remaining residue and impurities from your oil cleanser. This step will guarantee that your skin is prepared for next steps and will be able to absorb all the beneficial ingredients of other skin products. When you finish the cleansing stage, always pat dry your face with a towel. Do not rub your face in an up-and-down motion as it has a negative impact on the firmness of your skin.


You probably exfoliate your body on a weekly basis. However, how do you stand with your facial exfoliation? In 2018, make it a habit to exfoliate your complexion once or twice a week during your evening routine. This can help to remove dead skin cells. So jump on the exfoliation bandwagon using our tips on exfoliation and how to avoid over-exfoliation.


Sheet masks are signature products in the Korean skin routine. Target your skin’s specific concerns and use different sheet masks. We have a collection of masks from different brands that will give your skin what it needs. Look for more information on sheet masking.


Korean skincare serums, ampoules, essences

K-Beauty: serums & ampoules
These beauty boosters are becoming more and more popular among women around the world. Whether your skin is dull or you struggle with acne, pigmentation, large pores or wrinkles, serums contain a high concentration of ingredients targeting one or a few skin concerns. Korean women call this step a skin-perfecting step.

Bring your skin regimen to a new dimension.


Providing hydration and moisture to the skin is the basis of every and not only Korean skin routine. If frequent moisturization is not your priority then definitely you should revise it in 2018. Next, to cleansing and daily SPF application, moisturising is the most important steps in any good skin routine. A moisturiser will keep your skin hydrated, protected and it will create a healthy, youthful look.


2017 was all about “no makeup” makeup. From celebrities to models on the catwalks, we were admiring natural glow and flawless skin. How about you continue this approach in 2018? BB and CC creams will give your skin necessary moisture to keep your skin hydrated.


Make it your habit to apply sunscreen every morning before you apply your make – up. Protecting your skin from UV rays can reduce a risk of skin cancer, protect your skin from premature ageing and will prevent you from new fine lines, wrinkles or sunspots.

Look at some of our tips on sunscreens & BB creams here.

Stop procrastination! Make 2018 only good skin days!!!