How Do Lagom Cosmetics Work?

How Do Lagom Cosmetics Work?

31st Jul 2018

When I started Skinsider, my main goal was to bring the best Korean skincare to Europe. Quality beyond anything! Therefore, time is always spent on research and testing. The brand I am about to introduce is the result of long, over one year process and collaboration with Lagom. During this time, we had a chance to get known better Lagom team and also experience the power of research, incredible technology and effort that was put to create the cosmetics. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls… Here it is… LAGOM!


LAGOM was officially launched in September 2015, meaning “Just Enough but Not Too Little or Too Much” in Swedish. The aim of cosmetics is to deliver maximum moisture and nutrition by using the minimum products and healthy ingredients.

LAGOM products are for people who pursue not just simple beauty but nature-friendly and healthy life.

Twelve renowned dermatologists and professors who have researched and studied skin for a number of years developed the cosmetics. Based on medical science in search of the most suitable skincare routine, their goal was to boost the skin’s ability to maintain moisture and remain healthy condition.

The goal was to reject the excessive use of cosmetics and provide the skin with essential ingredients instead so it looks healthy. The doctors worked closely with Korea’s top makeup artist Go Won Hye to add the unique perfectness and delicate beauty to their products so they work well with makeup products.

Korean skincare Lagom cosmetics

Lagom cosmetics

Purpose & Technology

The purpose of Lagom cosmetics is to provide moisture effect and not moisturized feel. LAGOM’s fundamental solution mechanism is achieved through moisture effect created by the skin itself. The cosmetics are increasing the water retention capacity of skin tissues.

All LAGOM products contain AQUALICIA®, a peptide for the Nobel Prize winner “Aquaporin 3” that provides a water pathway. AQUALICIA® moisturizes skin and builds up moisturization by filling the skin with moisture.
The patented AQUALICIA® contained in LAGOM products is a moisture ingredient which provides the inside of the skin with moisture effect. Enzymatic hydrolysis of Acacia macrostachya seeds helps prevent moisture loss by reactivating the formation of filaggrin and Aquaporin 3 as well as moisture effect. It helps strengthen the skin barrier. Low- molecular hyaluronic acid and Jojoba oil keep skin moisturized even in dry conditions.

Korean skincare Aqualicia technology in Lagom cosmetics

AQUALICIA®- how does it work?

Fundamental Solution for Skin Trouble

LAGOM is a cosmetics brand that addresses the harmful impact of the environment and focuses on healing the skin, making it healthy with only essential ingredients. It is also easy and convenient to apply.

Korean skincare Aqualicia technology in Lagom cosmetics

Other moisturisers vs Lagom

Brand mentor

Go Won Hye is Korea’s top first-generation freelance makeup artist, a veteran makeup artist with 29 years’experience. She is the creator of various types of glow makeup (water glow, honey glow, flawless glow, etc.) for different seasons. She has been shaping the contemporary beauty scene, keeping in step with top celebrities like Jang Yoonju, Lee Hanui, and Bae Doona.

Korean makeup artist Go Won Hye collage

Go Won Hye

Reason to create the cosmetics

“Since makeup looks better on skin pampered by elaborate skincare, my first development is skincare products. It’s a little bit late for me after 29 years in the beauty industry, but I don’t want to get it done easily. Even though K-beauty is very popular, if there’s no philosophy coming from “me,” it’s no use. Finding unique beauty in me is different from following the fashion blindly. It begins with skin care. So my biggest goal this year is to introduce how to build up skincare with LAGOM through products. With regards to water glow, honey glow, or flawless glow makeup, fully hydrated skincare before base makeup is very important.

Korean skincare Lagom cosmetics

Lagom cosmetics

Go Won Hye on Lagom cosmetics

“To build up a moisturizing base, apply “LAGOM Cellus Deep Moisture Cream,” a moisture cream that fills the inside of skin with moisture without blocking the pores. Pat your skin to make sure the cream is well-absorbed.

For every step of base makeup, use “‘LAGOM Cellus Mist Toner” to supply moisture. Since the products enhance the skin’s ability to retain moisture, and not just supply moisture temporarily, applying them delicately step by step will supply stronger moisture effect in the long run. The mist, in particular, is my must-use item for every makeup. With its anti-dust effect, it protects skin from impurities or dust during makeup.

Since I am very interested in healthy beauty these days, I also care about cleansing as the most important skincare, particularly whether it is less irritating and if it does not strip skin of its natural moisture as much. My skin is becoming sensitive under changeable weather conditions and temperature in between seasons when skin’s moisture is easily lost. To deal with such skin, it’s important to use a cleanser that removes wastes but replenishes moisture, rather than one with an excessively strong cleaning effect. Using a cleanser that delivers moisture can heighten the effect of skincare for busy mornings.”

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Korean skincare Lagom cosmetics in offline stores

Lagom cosmetics in Korean offline shops