At Skinsider, we carry out a rigorous selection process to ensure we select the very best products for you.

“Personalisation is important to us. I travel a lot to understand the products and people behind them. These journey allow us discover some hidden gems and bring those to you. This makes us better informed and better at what we do! Experience is at the heart of what we do!”- Karolina, CEO of Skinsider

Our process begins with research.

Research – We like to do our homework before we commit to distribute any product. Our search starts with identifying a company’s vision and the products they offer; we believe that the cosmetics are a true reflection of the company’s ethos and goals. We gather information, including consumer reviews from around the globe. We’re not interested in flashy marketing techniques, but objective reviews provided by real people.

Glam Verification – We travel to Asia to meet face-to-face with the people who have created the products we are interested in. Together, we discuss the purpose, technology and ingredients of the cosmetics and future of their development in order to ensure the cosmetics are supported by science. We work hard to create a mutual trust with the brands, so we can keep our knowledge up-to-date about the products.

Further Beauty Hunting – We take advantage of the fact that we’re in the middle of the action and visit K-Beauty shops in Seoul. We talk to store directors in our quest to find the best formulas and solutions, and bring home suitcases of goodies to test, so you don’t have to.

Test Time – We use selected products daily for at least four weeks before we make a decision. We investigate and verify the ingredients to ensure the products are not only delicate enough to use on the skin, but also strong to tackle the condition and issue they were designed for. We then use focus group testing to gain valuable feedback on the products.

We will only add a product to our range if every the steps within our approval process have been successfully completed to our high levels of satisfaction.

“We hope to bring you the best products, great services and unforgettable experience.”- Karolina, CEO of Skinsider

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